Top 3 Mods for Yamaha Royal Star

When you take your Yamaha Royal Star on your first ride, you will likely be excited by the many awesome features of this capable bike. Its classic cruiser design is a nice blend of leather, chrome, rubber and acrylic, and the powerful 1300cc V4 engine has power to spare. If you’re like most riders, though, there will be a thing or two you’ll want to tweak. When you get around to it make sure you check out genuine Yamaha Royal Star parts for compatibility and quality. Keep the integrity of your bike while adding high performance and upgrades to the components.

Upgrades for a Better Bike

A wide choice of genuine Yamaha parts puts you in the driver’s seat. From wheel to wheel and from kickstand to handlebars make the changes that add comfort, cool and class to your cruiser. These top mods are popular choices for the Yamaha Royal Star:

  1. Better Shocks. Factory shocks may not give you the control on rough surfaces that you crave, so buy some custom shocks. Get the shocks you deserve from companies that know shocks: Pivot Works, Progressive Suspension, QuadBoss, Race Tech and more.
  2. Highway Bars. These frame additions keep your feet and legs protected from unexpected debris flying up from the road. They add a new dimension to the look of your bike and are designed to install easily on Yamaha bikes. Highway bars come in a variety of styles.
  3. Silencers and Mufflers. Choose the engine and exhaust modifications that fit your personality. Slip-on mufflers and silencers are a great way to get the bike you’ve always imagined.

It’s your bike and you know what you like. Choose the modifications that give you the greatest pleasure.

Ideas for Cool Riding Gear

Whether you are looking for dirt bike riding gear, street riding gear or casual gear, you have a wealth of choices. For tearing up the track on your dirt bike, a premium should be placed on safety and comfort. If you’re racing, the chance of a fall is probably a matter of when not if. Leather jackets, durable footwear and abrasion-resistant gloves make a lot of sense. An aerodynamic helmet with ample attitude fits the scene.

For street riding, a perfect jacket is perhaps the most critical need. The selection includes jackets from top brands such as Black Brand, Icon, Joe Rocket, River Road, Speed and Strength and many more. Quality construction means you get features such as removable liners, reinforced elbows and shoulders, hidden pockets with zippers and a choice of fabrics. Advancements in production techniques provide expanded flexibility in the areas that matter most. You’ll get a tough and durable jacket that won’t feel like you are in a straitjacket.

Top Ways for Greater Enjoyment

Once you’ve found the bike of your dreams, you can always make things better. With a Yamaha Royal Star that means altering the things that you can for a totally road bike. Quality parts and a wide selection enable you to build a one-of-a-kind bike. The best riding gear also increases your enjoyment on the road. Get the best parts today for your machine.