Top Natural Destinations to Visit in the UK

There is much diversity in the UK, from towering glacial valleys to historic coves and tropical serene. There are so many places to adventure about in the UK, it is hard to mention every breathtaking feature of mother nature right here; I will pinpoint a few features that, in my opinion, go out of the way. Now you know that the UK isn’t short of breathtaking sceneries you can take solace in during this trying moment of a global pandemic. Ooh! I just remembered; health protocols insist on social distancing, and you can go wild alone with mother nature, isn’t it? Sometimes, we must appreciate the fact that not everything revolves around the human endeavor.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to what we are here for—top natural destinations to visit while in the UK. Here are a few cases of mother nature that blew my mind while I was adventuring in the UK; I am not saying they are the only ones, nor do I say the most fascinating, but at least it took my breath. Read travel agency reviews to discover more travel opportunities to destinations that promise to bring you close to a myriad of natural wonders in the UK. You can read reviews left by happy avid travelers like you on the Reviews Bird website to know where next.

Whether you are from the UK or planning for a holiday overseas, these natural wonders will take your wanderlust to the next level.

Seven sisters

It is one of the natural sights on the south coast of England. When you are visiting Brighton, it is not easy to miss seeing this historic scenery. When you get time, head to seven sisters to walk the beautiful walkways along the coastline, you will never get disappointed with this beautiful scenery. While on it, stay far from the edges and be sensible because the cliffs are chalk hence unstable.

Durdle Door, Dorset England

This is one of the first natural heritage sites in England. The iconic arch formed millions of years ago eroded the rocks, drilling a hole in the middle to create a historic geological site. For the intrepid of us, navigating through the coast path of Durdle door not only offers us aesthetic feeling and a chance to sand bath on the idyllic coast or have a dip.

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England

You want to prove the power of mother nature; Cheddar Gorge might be your stopover in England. Meltwater floods carved Britain’s biggest gorge over a million years ago. It’s 137m down deep. If you are itching for rock climbing and exhilarating walks, Cheddar gorge might interest you.

Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

It is a causeway formation with over 40,000 conjoined basalt columns. It was formed some 50 to 60 million years ago following volcanic erosion. The number of hiking trails is strikingly phenomenal along the 10km coastline to the Hamilton cliffs above the causeway.

Loch Lomond

It is the largest freshwater loch that remains one of the natural wonders of Scotland. It is the favorite destination for relaxation and where adventurous souls get involved in several water sporting activities like kayaking, skiing, speed boating, and more.