11 Awesome Ideas for Writing an Outstanding Essay

Writing an essay is as easy as it sounds, but to create an entertaining and exciting essay, some tips have to be followed. They can be used in your own creative ways. You cannot even think about how small things can make your essay look good and creative. So, before you write your essay, just go through our 11 pointers and try to introduce them to your writing style. We are confident that you will be appalled by the result. So, stop worrying about “how will I write my essay?” and read on to explore the ideas.

Make connections

Start with making connections to the topic by time zones. That is what was the topic in the past, what is the status now, and how the future will be affected.

Create a story

This is the best way to make the reader glued to the content. Try weaving a story around the topic and its effects on various things.

Give examples

These examples can be of living as well as non-living things. When an example is given to a related topic, the topic is easy to understand and relate to.

Give personal references

You can jolt down points clearly as to how the topic affects you personally or what positive or negative change it makes in your personal life.

List the pros and cons

Do not just go on talking good or bad about the topic. Make sure to list both sides of the coins. The topic may have more negative than positive effects, but still, you have to list both the sides to neutralize the topic at times.

Write confidently

Your writing reflects your mood and way of thinking. So, make sure to write confidently, and the reader gets encouraged by your writing. The reader should feel some feeling and connection.

Know your readers

Decide who you are writing for. You should know the age group, gender, etc. and genre of the subject. Once you have known who you are writing for, the sentences, words, should be framed accordingly for your readers to understand the context easily.

Research and take notes

This is a really important point. The amount of research you do will reflect in your writing. The readers will also know how well you know your topic. If you want your readers to be immersed in your writing and want to create a really good essay, research and you take many notes as much as you can.
Focus a lot on the start and end.

This is an old man’s tale, but the start and end really do matter a lot. Your start determines whether the reader will read further. Your essay end will decide the impact it makes on the reader.

Speak your mind out

Don’t be scared to pour your thoughts in your writing. Don’t try to be manipulative or try to say your thoughts in different words. It is perfect not to have everyone agree with your thoughts, but the ones who don’t also may enjoy your writing.


You might be bored with going through and reading the same things again. But once you finish the essay, it’s very important to read the essay for last-minute errors. So go ahead and write fearlessly!

To conclude, these were the top 11 ideas to write an impactful essay for your audience. If followed properly, you will also have your essay drafted in the most creative and appealing way.