7 Mistakes Most House Painters Make

Sometimes, you pass through estates and several communities, and you cannot but exclaim on how some houses are poorly painted. Apart from a poor architectural set-up, one other house defect is poor painting.

A beautiful fact about these anomalies is that most of these painting defects are borne out of simple or ignorant mistakes most house painters make.

Here are some (7) mistakes house painters make in painting these houses;

Inadequate preparation for painting:

Every house is stacked with several goods, furniture, and equipment. Some, especially furniture, stay very close to the walls and corridors; chairs, tables, picture frames, shelves, and wardrobes. Due to this, most stains are always on the furniture placed in the house. Why? Most house painters are usually too lazy to dismantle this furniture away from where they could be potentially affected.

No regard for the weather:

Some house painters never take weather factors seriously before setting out on their painting exercise. Stormy weathers are potentially harmful to fresh exterior painting. It perfectly paints the scenario of ‘a painter paints in the day. Night comes, and the rain washes down the paint.’ It is not wise to paint in seasons and periods where the weather could be totally predictive of rains and storms.

Wrong Colour Combination:

Well, this isn’t pardonable for painters, especially female house painters who take special delight in fashionable and trendy color combinations. Away from the gender specification, a common eyesore on houses exteriorly is the mixture of wrong and dull colors to paint a house. Yellow on pink isn’t a good color mixture for the house of an enigma.

No painting structure or plan:

A house painter fails when there is no painting plan at all. Every painter should have a well laid out house painting plan or structure before setting out to paint. The painter fails when he doesn’t patiently assess the structure of the house and the specific places to paint before starting his job. If possible, a house painter should have a sketch of the house and use crayons to indicate where to paint and where not to paint.

Wrong painting brush:

It is pathetic when a painter uses a hard brush on a soft surface, and a soft brush on a very hard surface. As much as a brush is available for every surface, it won’t cost much to get the brush that suits the surface of the walls he intends to paint.

Wrong paint type:

Just like the brush, every surface requires a specific paint type that perfectly suits it. The house painter makes a woeful mistake when he exchanges a paint that is required for hard surfaces for a soft one. The end won’t be nice at all. The paints would easily fade out.

Lack of professionalism:

A subject to be discussed for every artist out there. A painter should learn courtesy. Not every room should be barged into. Not every house occupants should suffer a throbbing headache for a ‘luxurious painting service.’