Liquid VS Powder Highlighter: Pros & Cons

Highlighter should be a staple in anyone’s makeup bag, especially as it adds that final dash of sparkle to your makeup look. If you want your skin to look radiant, it’s crucial that you know how to apply highlighter accordingly.

But, you might be wondering… which highlighter do I use?

Well, there’s two types of highlighter to choose from: liquid and powder. Whether the former or latter is right for you depends on a few factors that we will discuss in this blog. 

Don’t stop reading because we’ll go through the pros and cons of these two types of highlighter!

Liquid Highlighter

A liquid highlighter is simple to use, and you can even use your finger to blend it onto your face! These usually come in a tube or tub form, so you can easily tell them apart from powder highlighters. 


  • Ideal for a glossy or dewy finish
  • Perfect for normal to dry and mature skin
  • Typically easier to blend out
  • No need for a brush – a clean finger will do


  • Sometimes less pigmented (meaning that you have to apply more product for more pigment)
  • Potentially not ideal for summertime where you’re likely to sweat more
  • Can make oily skin types look more oily and greasy

Powder Highlighter

Meanwhile, powder highlighter will usually require a brush (we suggest using a fan brush) to use, with just one swipe being enough to cast a beautiful glow. Power highlighters are, without a doubt, the more popular option between the two, but they also come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Usually very pigmented (you only need little product for each application)
  • Ideal for combination and oily skin types
  • Lifespan is extended compared to their liquid counterparts
  • Often more complex in comparison to liquid highlighters (has different pigments that create a multidimensional sheen)


  • Requires a brush (this is a con because this means that you need to properly maintain your brushes – clean, replace, etc.)
  • Sometimes too pigmented (it’s possible that you might only want a little bit of a glow…)
  • Needs more blending – if you’re someone with little time to apply makeup, then it can be bothersome if you don’t properly blend your powder highlighter (you could end up with a unflattering bright streak across your cheekbones)


Beyond Basic Benefits: The Role of Group Dental Insurance

In today’s competitive job market, offering a comprehensive benefits package is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. While most companies already provide primary benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans, one often overlooked aspect is dental insurance. Beyond the perks of a dazzling smile, group dental insurance is crucial in promoting overall employee well-being and productivity. This article will delve into the significance of group dental insurance and its many advantages to employers and employees. Stay tuned as we explore how this often underestimated benefit goes beyond just oral health and truly enhances the overall health and happiness of the workforce.

Is E-Learning the Future of Education?

Almost three years ago when Mr. COVID introduced itself to mankind some 1.2 Billion students, worldwide, had to abruptly abandon their classrooms in favor of online means to continue their education. 1.2 Billion, which is almost one in every seven people alive on Earth, at that time.

Initially, critics and COVID deniers joined hands to campaign against the sudden closure of schools.

Online education was not yet a super famous buzzword, unlike today, and many folks genuinely believed that current e-learning systems will not be able to keep up with such a huge and sudden influx of students. And who could blame them? E-learning was taking off at the time but it was still in its infancy. And no one likes to rely on infants to teach their children.

But despite its many limitations and constant bashing, the e-learning setup held up. For the better part of the next 2 years online education kept the children of the world, at the very least, connected to the learning process.

Today, things are different. The technology has advanced, the systems are more robust and any apprehensions people had about e-learning have fizzled out against the onslaught of the pandemic.


What Healthcare Professionals Need to Consider When Looking After Those with Poor Mobility

There are four issues, in particular, that should automatically spring to the mind of any healthcare professional looking after those with poor mobility. These are to endeavor to provide patients with a sense of freedom, to preserve their dignity, to look out for their safety and wellbeing, and to have the patience of a saint. 

Providing A Sense of Freedom

The essence of restricted mobility is the restriction of self-autonomy and freedom. This is why it is critical to keep individuals with poor mobility moving regularly, both for the sake of their physical fitness and for the sake of their mental health. Consider, for instance, a patient recovering from spinal surgery. This represents a fairly nightmarish scenario in terms of restricted freedoms while they are recovering from this. A simple way to empower such an individual is to accommodate the ability to adjust a lying position without compromising the stasis of the vertebrae by systems that adjust the angle of tilt, also known as Trendelenburg. This allows for a bed to be raised so that the head is in a higher position than the feet while keeping the back straight, which, among other simpler features, is a common theme you will see when looking at suppliers like The function also allows users to achieve an upright position with normal seat angles, allowing them to engage in activity, which was previously unachievable, including the ability to eat and drink more easily, interact with loved ones, or watch TV. 

What’s the Importance of Social Media for Influencer Marketing

Social Media is not limited to connecting with your friends and sharing your updates with them. Instead, it has moved beyond that, and hence today, businesses are making the best use of social media platforms to boost their business sales and online reputation. Yet, many business owners are still unfamiliar with the benefits of using social media platforms for their business. Below are the top benefits of using social media channels.

=&0=&Every user across the globe has a presence on at least one social platform. Instagram alone has a more than 2 billion user base, making it the best social channel to promote your business. Similarly, Facebook, YouTube, etc., also have a large audience base that can help you reach new audiences and get a high sales count. The list of social media influencers is large, which gives you leverage to use its real potential and turn social users into loyal customers.

=&1=& Creating new connections can help you build brand recognition. Moreover, it will also help you populate your business services/products across numerous people following your connections. Hence, social media channels give you a platform to develop a strong network and work together in promoting your brand. E.g., Emilie Haney is a self-employed freelance writer, photographer, graphic designer that can help you build a strong user base across various social channels.


Fit in the dress of your dreams with the following weight loss tips!

Getting the perfect dress can be a dream come true- for most women. The only issue is that sometimes our weight gets in the way of fitting into that beautiful dress, no matter how much we diet and exercise. You know that you need to lose weight if you want to wear this beautiful gown. If you’re carrying a few extra pounds (or more), it can be challenging to find the dress that is right for you. Don’t worry, we have tips for weight loss that will help! Losing weight is not impossible and with the right tips and tricks, you can be on your way to fitting into any size dress. The tips below will help you achieve your goal while making sure to stay healthy and maintain a nutritious diet. Sometimes, people take over the counter phentermine for weight loss

Tips to lose weight

A good diet and regular exercise are two important factors in successful, long-term weight management. Burn more calories with cardio exercises such as running, swimming, or biking while increasing muscle mass by doing strength-training exercises at least twice a week. Eat less food but focus on eating healthier foods that will keep your body lean and clean of toxins without leaving you feeling hungry all day. 

Follow these tips to help you lose weight and fit in that dream dress:

Natural Appetite Suppressant is Next Weight Loss Breakthrough

Have you ever noticed evergreen and ever young superstars of Bollywood or Hollywood and wondered why they are not getting old or aging so slowly? There is nothing special behind their evergreen look but a healthy lifestyle backed by a balanced diet and food moderation. For a balanced diet, food avoidance is not required, the food you tend to take between meals for emotional reasons or from little hunger can be nicely used as strategies to support both weight loss and wellness. There are foods that are naturally suppressants you can eat to attenuate erratic eating, uncontrollable cravings, hunger pangs, mood swings, and fluctuations in energy level. Some naturally nutritious and dense foods can promote better health and energy levels and make you habituated to a balanced diet avoiding untimely and unplanned snacks or meals. Although a lot of hunger-reducing supplements are on the market that may lure you as you are trying to control weight, natural food choices can offer you a better solution in this regard. 

How Does the Appetite System Work?

To control your diet and keep it in balance, knowing how the appetite system works will not be a bad idea. Appetite and hunger are very close terms, the first one means a person’s general desire to eat food, and the latter one occurs when our body sends signals to the brain when it needs more food. All these are controlled by insulin, when we eat carbohydrates from starches and sugar turned into glucose flowing with the bloodstream. Insulin allows the glucose to enter cells and produces energy to function, the excess energy is stored as fat. To control your appetite and craving, having blood glucose and insulin levels down is a must, it helps your body to burn fat rather than storing it.  

How Do Natural Suppressants Balance?

You may find lots of weight loss products or hunger-reducing supplements in the market that work in different ways. Some reduce your appetite, block the absorption of certain nutrients, the other increase burning your calories. But the focus of natural suppressants is somewhere else, these are the foods that can help us to have less food by reducing appetite and increasing fullness level, slowing down emptying stomach, blocking the absorption of nutrients, influencing appetite hormones, and reducing food cravings. The below discussion is on the foods, natural herbs, and plans that can help you to control your diet and ensure your well-being naturally. 

=&0=& It includes lentils, black beans, kidney beans, and some others. They contain low calories and high protein and fiber that are proven to lead you to satiety. They also offer some resistant starch that is highly beneficial for weight loss. Among the many, Chickpeas and edamame are great choices in minimizing calorie intake. 
=&1=& If you are looking to increase the volume of your meals without increasing the calories, leafy greens are a great way to do that. It includes kale, spinach, collards, swiss, and some others. They contain very low calories and carbohydrates and are full of fiber that makes them a perfect choice for losing weight. 
=&2=& Some specialists termed it as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, some others claimed that it can intensify burning fat in the body and help to lose weight. The caffeine of green tea has been found to work really well to burn fat and improve the result of exercise in several studies. This healthy beverage is full of catechins, a potent antioxidant. 

Here’s Why it’s Easier than Ever for First-Time Homeowners to Sell Their Space

Over the past year, the housing market across the United States has reached astronomical highs and there’s no sign of things cooling down anytime soon. As HomeLight reports in their Top Agent Insights for Spring 2021 report, 97% of real estate agents report that they’re seeing a seller’s market, and 91% report
that inventory is lower than they expected.

Whether you’ve bought a starter home or are just looking for a change of scenery, the current housing market is a great opportunity to trade up for a better space. While buying and selling a home at the same time can be daunting, especially when there’s limited inventory, you can simplify the process by considering the tips in this article.

The fundamentals of selling a home for the first time

Compared to purchasing a home, selling a home is much more daunting because you can face many challenges such as negotiation deadlocks, hiccups in the home inspection, fielding unrealistic expectations from buyers, and more. Fortunately, you have

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