Top 8 Brands of Nerf Bars for Trucks

Nerf bars can be a great way to improve your truck. They provide an easy step up into the cab. Additionally, they can protect your vehicle from scratches and debris in a way that custom running boards simply won’t. The following are eight of the best nerf bar brands to help you with your search for your next truck accessory.

1) APS

APS makes some of the best nerf bars on the market. They are durable and designed to be easy to mount. Plus, they have great features such as drop steps for easier climbing. The brand has many models at different price points. So, you can be confident that you will find something that works for your needs.

2) Westin

Westin is also a prolific manufacturer of nerf bars and running boards. Their options include cab-length and wheel-to-wheel designs. They are designed from high-quality materials and are ready to take a beating. These nerf bars tend to look great. Plus, their catalog includes a few different styles to match the aesthetics of your truck.

3) Lund

Lund makes nerf bars for trucks in a variety of diameters. You can also choose between round, oval and elliptical profiles. This means that you will find something that works for your needs. If you want something simple and subtle, consider three-inch round bars. If you want something that is big and ready for anything, consider the six-inch oval bars.

4) Steelcraft

As the name suggests, this brand makes its nerf bars from high-quality steel. When you step on a Steelcraft bar, you will know the difference. The craftsmanship and material choice really shine. You will know right away that these bars are going to hold up to anything you can throw at them.

5) ProZ

ProZ makes some designs that are a little simpler than their competitors. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t work great. These are ultra-reliable and designed for easy installation. You will be really happy with your ProZ nerf bars.

6) Bully

As the name suggests, this brand is all about tough parts for trucks. They will push away any debris that may be getting near the side of your vehicle. Plus, they make excellent steps. This is a great choice for trucks of all sizes.

7) Tuff-Bar

These custom-crafted bars will help you take on anything the trail, road or job site can put in your way. They fit right into the existing hardware of your truck. All you need to do is bolt them in place, no drilling is required. The step pads are built tough and won’t degrade in the weather.

8) Smittybilt

You can always count on Smittybilt to provide high-quality accessories. This is a brand that you can count on whenever you want to upgrade your truck. Their nerf bars are no exception to that rule.

Find Your Nerf Bars Today

With the above information in mind, you will be ready to find the right nerf bars for your truck or SUV. Get started on your search today. Then, get ready to take your truck on the trail or job site.