Top 5 Winners in Online Gambling History

Everyone that has gambled has fantasized about hitting it big. After all, this is the number one reason that most people gamble. They want to hit the jackpot and this is completely understandable. The only problem with gambling is that a lot of it is based on luck, despite what the experts would have you believe. Sure, you can develop strategies and minimize your overall losses, but there is no denying that a lot of gambling boils down to pure luck. Who has been lucky enough to win big in the last couple of years?

British Solder Jon Heywood

You have probably heard time and time again that you don’t need to be a high roller to hit it big. British soldier Jon Heywood proved this to be true back in 2015. With just a small amount of startup money, he walked away from computer much richer. Jon’s winning was said to be the highest amount of money that anyone has ever won on online slots.

Mega Fortune For Finnish Player

When a Finnish player cleaned up at Paf Casino he was literally crying and laughing at the same time. He was it was an unreal feeling and never thought anything like it would ever happen. The Finnish player won his fortune in 2013 and it is still a world poker record to this very day. His plans where to share his money with his relatives and get a new car, which would easily fit in his budget.

First Time Player Hits It Big

Many players that gamble on sites like tangkasnet for the first time never dream of hitting it big that very same day. Sure, they might dream of hitting it big in the future, but whoever thinks that they are going to bring home a fortune the same day they sign up with an online casino? In November 2017 that is exactly what happened to Neil. The Scot hit a huge jackpot just after an hour of making his initial deposit with Casumo. This was and still is to this very day the most amount of money that Casumo has ever paid out.

€6.3 Million Hall of Gods

Records show that an Aberdeen man won €6.3 million on a €4 wager. The only thing known about the man is his name. Neil made an initial deposit of €30 and chose to play Hall of Gods. He was lucky enough to turn his €4 wager into €6.3 million by winning the jackpot.

According to rumors, Neil planned to utilize some of his winnings to take his family to Disney World and donate to the Macmillan Cancer Research. It is unclear whether or not Neil followed through with his plans. But, most people expect that he will utilize some of his winnings to play more casino games.

€11.7 Million Mega Fortune

Another lucky jackpot winner made history by winning €11.7 million while playing Mega Fortunate. The winners’ name was not officially released. But, the owner, Huw Thomas, of Betsson Casino where the win took place told new sources that his company was listed in the Guinness Book of Records after the big win.