Installing a Lift Kit: Should You Hire a Professional?

DIY auto repair comes with many joys. Tackling a major project, getting to know your vehicle and saving some cash are all great reasons to find some DIY tasks to maintain and upgrade your ride. When it comes to a lift kit, however, it’s best to let the professionals do what they know best. Learn why you should hire a professional to install your lift kit or 4Runner suspension upgrade today.

Cost Considerations

Determine whether you need a lift kit or a leveling kit. A lift kit is designed to lift your entire vehicle as much as 12 inches, while a leveling kit is used to lift one end of your vehicle. The cost and installation process can vary depending on the kit you choose and your vehicle.

DIY installation can save you money. If you find an affordable lift kit and already have the specialized tools and work space you need, it can be a relatively quick project. However, there are many ways that the process could end badly.

Because of the risks associated with DIY installation, you may actually spend more money than you would by choosing a professional. Installing your own lift kit certainly takes more time than swinging by an auto repair shop, so you’ll have less time to work, relax or spend with your friends and family.

Dangers of DIY Installation

The most common truck lift kits are lift blocks. Installing lift blocks can be tricky and dangerous. First, jacking up your vehicle and working on the suspension requires particular tools. You’ll need a durable jack, plenty of space to work and torque wrenches and other tools.

Next, choosing the wrong lift block can be hazardous. Best case scenario, it simply won’t fit. The worst case scenario is a busted suspension, damaged lift kit and a vehicle stranded on the side of the road or the middle of the highway.

Benefits of Professional Installation

A professional mechanic will not only have suggestions about the right type of lift kit for your vehicle, but can also quickly and safely install it for you. A quality mechanic has the necessary tools and training to gather all the necessary parts and lift your ride the right way.

Most lift kits require new brake lines, a longer driveshaft and engine and transfer case mounts. Depending on the vehicle, there may be other brackets, bolts and extensions required. With the right tools, a mechanic will have it installed in just a few hours, so you may be surprised at how affordable a professional installation project is compared to the hours spent on your garage floor attempting it yourself.

Prepare Your Ride for a Lift Kit Today

Whether you’re swapping out your OEM tires for extra-large aftermarket ones or preparing your truck for an exciting weekend of off-roading, look for a high-quality lift kit and professional mechanic today. Search for off road shops near me and enjoy hassle-free installation of your lift kit by a professional mechanic. Prevent accidental damage and improper installation by choosing a qualified mechanic and focusing your DIY skills on more manageable projects.