15 Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Car

If I told you that by applying these 15 tricks you can extend the life of your car, would you be willing to put them all into practice? Think that although now making a small outlay does not go well for you, you may be avoiding a much fatter bill in a few months.

1. Protect the paint

Rays of the sun, remains of insects, bird droppingsā€¦ All this corrodes the paint of your car daily. Apply a layer of wax to achieve greater protection; ideally, do it a couple of times a year since a hand of wax prevents moisture from penetrating.

2. Get a protective accessory from the front

Do you drive frequently on the highway? If so, you should inspect the front of the car in case the small items that lift other vehicles had damaged the paint on the hood or fin. To protect the area from these minor impacts, you can use a special protective paint film.

3. Check the ‘guts’ of the car

By guts of the car, we do not refer to the engine but deeper parts and space. The anti-corrosion protection of a modern car is usually sufficient; but if it is a vehicle with a few years in tow, it is convenient to take care of the inside of the engine with wax or protective grease. Some specialists use a special endoscope to observe the cavities of the car. Many times the appearance offered by the gaps is not ideal, and treatment with grease or wax is recommended. It is a good idea to install one of the best car GPS trackers in your car because it can help you know more about your car.

4. Review the rubber gaskets

The plastics in your car age due to the influence of the environment and cannot stand up to the use of inappropriate detergent. Many external factors can crack the gums. If this happens, your car will not only offer a deteriorated appearance. Besides, it will suffer more from the weather damage (water can even enter the cabin with heavy rain). To avoid this, use rubber renovators from time to time and replace the dashboard so as not to damage the sun.

5. Wash it often

The accumulation of succession is a source of corrosion, so it is important to remove the incised stains soon. A tip for car washes: prewash with the high-pressure gun to remove dirt from difficult areas (corners, fins …). Also, remove the accumulated sheets in the air inlets.

6. Monitors the oil level

When the oil level indicator light comes on, you cannot delay the refill for a minute: that is that it is well below the minimum mark (you better not check how far your car can go without oil). This is one of the most important tips, within the 15 tricks to extend the life of your car. The lack of lubricant can cause serious damage to the engine.

7. Forget abrupt maneuvers

The traffic light turns green and the car is fired until the next one, where it nails the brakes. Who gets used to this driving style wears a lot of brakes and transmission. An over-stress effort precipitates the end of the life of the wear parts and with efficient driving, you will save fuel. If you want to know every turn of your car takes, consider the car tracking device.

8. Replaces the timing belt

Beware of the belt change intervals indicated by the manufacturer if the warranty is terminated: it is one of the most expensive failures to repair. If it tears early, it is likely that you will not receive any compensation. In any case, respect the pre-established deadlines as if it were something sacred, even try not to hurry them and move on as a forecaster.

9. Pay attention to the tire pressure

It is not easy to detect a bad tire while driving. Even an expert driver can see that the rubber has lost its drawing when it is too late. The deformations on the flanks or the tread pose a huge danger. The advice is to regularly check the condition of the tires and always before going on a trip; In this case, it is also advisable to adjust it to the boot loader.

10. Climate control

In theory, air conditioning is a tight circuit. However, the reality shows that, every year, 10% of the refrigerant evaporates. Some circuit components are changed after a few years (depending on usage). Keep this in mind before considering changing the air conditioning gas.

11. Do not skimp on spare parts

The worst is the carelessness of the brakes or the chassis that, in addition, will prevent you from passing the ITV.

12. Try not to cross short stretches

Cold operation increases the wear of the parts and prevents the oil from heating up. In addition, the lubricant is mixed with some gasoline and steam.

13. Beware of curb hits

Experts talk about the ‘memory of the tires’: if the rubber or the correct pressure is not taken care of, invaluable damage to the wheel structure occurs. Sooner or later the tires become defective.

14. Wait for the engine to warm up

If an engine is demanded too much during the first kilometers, the wear increases a lot. It is convenient to let the water reach a temperature of 90 degrees, for the oil is about 75 degrees. Motor oil is precisely the one that takes the longest to warm up. The bad thing is that many cars no longer incorporate water or oil temperature indicators.

15. Try to make smooth gear changes

When the left foot is caught in the clutch pedal, constant wear occurs. Something similar happens when gears are engaged awkwardly and the change is ‘scratched’. If several habits of this type are combined, it is likely that the clutch will not resist 15,000 km.