Avon vs. Shinko Street Motorcycle Tires

If you own a street bike, you likely want to have the best street motorcycle tires. You may be needing to replace some worn down tires or wanting to get extra performance by upgrading. In either case, finding the right tires means understanding what each brand offers. Below is a comparison of Avon and Shinko street bike tires.

Avon Tires

Sine 1904, Avon has been producing tires for racing, street and off-road use. Compared to OEM tires, they are almost always a superior choice. They are high-quality and professionally made.

If you are buying street tires, find something that offers a balance of grip and durability. For example, Avon AM26 Roadrider tires strike an excellent balance. The outer angles of these tires are capable of handling sudden turns with ease. They also are sufficiently robust that you won’t need to replace them too often.

Of course, you also need to think about the conditions you’ll be riding in. If you expect to be handling rain and snow regularly, consider some all-weather tires. Almost all Avon tires offer great speed ratings. The Roadrider, for example, is rated for up to 149 miles per hour.

However, like all motorcycle mods, new tires can have some drawbacks. Avon tires tend to be less durable than some other street tires. Improved traction typically is achieved with softer rubber. Additionally, there aren’t that many options available. Despite the fame and size of Avon’s brand, it can be challenging to find the right tires for a specific bike. Avon tires also tend to be relatively expensive.

Shinko Tires

Although younger than Avon, Shinko is another well-established brand. They offer some of the best motorcycle tires on the market at reasonable prices. They are more affordable and durable than Avon tires.

For example, the Shinko 705 is a very versatile and robust tire. It is designed for 75 percent street use and 25 percent off-roading. These tires feature aggressive treads and strong rubber. They can handle a wide range of terrains and stay grippy.

While Shinko is most known for sportbike tires, they have offerings for all types of bikes and riding styles.

You can ride confidently with Shinko tires knowing that they will last longer than many other brands including Avon. However, they do not offer the same impressive grip as Avon. Consequently, you will have a tougher time making snappy maneuvers, especially in challenging weather. Shinko tires offer better performance than most OEM options but are still outclassed by Avon.

Additionally, the load ratings of Shinko tired tend to be lower. If you have a heavy bike and gear, you may need something with a higher rating.

Start Upgrading

No matter what your goals for your street bike, upgrading your tires can be one of the best motorcycle mods available. It is an easy change to make and can have dramatic effects on your performance. Avon and Shinko both offer great street bikes tires, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Weigh the pros and cons for your situation and give your street bike the upgrade you’ve been dreaming of.