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Lion Garage Door: Introduction

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Liquid VS Powder Highlighter: Pros & Cons

Highlighter should be a staple in anyone’s makeup bag, especially as it adds that final dash of sparkle to your makeup look. If you want your skin to look radiant, it’s crucial that you know how to apply highlighter accordingly.

But, you might be wondering… which highlighter do I use?

Well, there’s two types of highlighter to choose from: liquid and powder. Whether the former or latter is right for you depends on a few factors that we will discuss in this blog. 

Don’t stop reading because we’ll go through the pros and cons of these two types of highlighter!

Liquid Highlighter

A liquid highlighter is simple to use, and you can even use your finger to blend it onto your face! These usually come in a tube or tub form, so you can easily tell them apart from powder highlighters. 


  • Ideal for a glossy or dewy finish
  • Perfect for normal to dry and mature skin
  • Typically easier to blend out
  • No need for a brush – a clean finger will do


  • Sometimes less pigmented (meaning that you have to apply more product for more pigment)
  • Potentially not ideal for summertime where you’re likely to sweat more
  • Can make oily skin types look more oily and greasy

Powder Highlighter

Meanwhile, powder highlighter will usually require a brush (we suggest using a fan brush) to use, with just one swipe being enough to cast a beautiful glow. Power highlighters are, without a doubt, the more popular option between the two, but they also come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Usually very pigmented (you only need little product for each application)
  • Ideal for combination and oily skin types
  • Lifespan is extended compared to their liquid counterparts
  • Often more complex in comparison to liquid highlighters (has different pigments that create a multidimensional sheen)


  • Requires a brush (this is a con because this means that you need to properly maintain your brushes – clean, replace, etc.)
  • Sometimes too pigmented (it’s possible that you might only want a little bit of a glow…)
  • Needs more blending – if you’re someone with little time to apply makeup, then it can be bothersome if you don’t properly blend your powder highlighter (you could end up with a unflattering bright streak across your cheekbones)


What Healthcare Professionals Need to Consider When Looking After Those with Poor Mobility

There are four issues, in particular, that should automatically spring to the mind of any healthcare professional looking after those with poor mobility. These are to endeavor to provide patients with a sense of freedom, to preserve their dignity, to look out for their safety and wellbeing, and to have the patience of a saint. 

Providing A Sense of Freedom

The essence of restricted mobility is the restriction of self-autonomy and freedom. This is why it is critical to keep individuals with poor mobility moving regularly, both for the sake of their physical fitness and for the sake of their mental health. Consider, for instance, a patient recovering from spinal surgery. This represents a fairly nightmarish scenario in terms of restricted freedoms while they are recovering from this. A simple way to empower such an individual is to accommodate the ability to adjust a lying position without compromising the stasis of the vertebrae by systems that adjust the angle of tilt, also known as Trendelenburg. This allows for a bed to be raised so that the head is in a higher position than the feet while keeping the back straight, which, among other simpler features, is a common theme you will see when looking at suppliers like The function also allows users to achieve an upright position with normal seat angles, allowing them to engage in activity, which was previously unachievable, including the ability to eat and drink more easily, interact with loved ones, or watch TV. 

What’s the Importance of Social Media for Influencer Marketing

Social Media is not limited to connecting with your friends and sharing your updates with them. Instead, it has moved beyond that, and hence today, businesses are making the best use of social media platforms to boost their business sales and online reputation. Yet, many business owners are still unfamiliar with the benefits of using social media platforms for their business. Below are the top benefits of using social media channels.

=&0=&Every user across the globe has a presence on at least one social platform. Instagram alone has a more than 2 billion user base, making it the best social channel to promote your business. Similarly, Facebook, YouTube, etc., also have a large audience base that can help you reach new audiences and get a high sales count. The list of social media influencers is large, which gives you leverage to use its real potential and turn social users into loyal customers.

=&1=& Creating new connections can help you build brand recognition. Moreover, it will also help you populate your business services/products across numerous people following your connections. Hence, social media channels give you a platform to develop a strong network and work together in promoting your brand. E.g., Emilie Haney is a self-employed freelance writer, photographer, graphic designer that can help you build a strong user base across various social channels.


Here’s Why it’s Easier than Ever for First-Time Homeowners to Sell Their Space

Over the past year, the housing market across the United States has reached astronomical highs and there’s no sign of things cooling down anytime soon. As HomeLight reports in their Top Agent Insights for Spring 2021 report, 97% of real estate agents report that they’re seeing a seller’s market, and 91% report
that inventory is lower than they expected.

Whether you’ve bought a starter home or are just looking for a change of scenery, the current housing market is a great opportunity to trade up for a better space. While buying and selling a home at the same time can be daunting, especially when there’s limited inventory, you can simplify the process by considering the tips in this article.

The fundamentals of selling a home for the first time

Compared to purchasing a home, selling a home is much more daunting because you can face many challenges such as negotiation deadlocks, hiccups in the home inspection, fielding unrealistic expectations from buyers, and more. Fortunately, you have

options when it comes to selling your home Click To Read More

7 Ways to Avoid Panty Lines

Panty lines equal awkward stares, insecure feelings, and a completely ruined outfit. Add all of these together and you have a ruined day. Panty lines could ruin all outfits from yoga pants to those sweet little miniskirts and even up to dinner gowns. Below are seven ways to avoid panty lines, giving your but a much curvaceous and beautiful look. 

Seven Ways to Avoid Panty Lines

I’ll be dividing this section into two, the first one having to do with what it is your purchase and the other, basic and even hiding life hacks. 

Section One;

=&0=&these underwear types are much different from the traditional type with seams on all their sides. This sort of underwear is cut to precision using a laser. Often, seamless panties are made from a silk-like material or polyester as opposed to cotton that requires seams at the edges. The next time you go shopping, you may want to skip those fancy underwear because they always have seams and go for the basic seamless laser cut underwear. 

What is Capsule Feeders?

Capsule Feeders are containers made primarily for feeding games, especially deer. The idea of the innovation was developed as a result of the inefficiency of traditional game feeding kits such as the tripod feeders and gravity feeders which are easily tumbled by other animals, hence, leading to loss of expensive feeds.

With the introduction of Capsule Feeders which varies in models that you can check out on Click To Read More

5 Important Tips That Should Help With Your Online Grocery Shopping Experience

There was a time we all could not imagine buying shoes and bags online, but things have changed. Now, the majority have found pleasure in online shopping. A convincing trial has changed the orientations. The same effect has happened to groceries.

Today, in the comfort of our home, we order groceries from online shops and it has been one of the most financial and life-saving decisions.

The truth is, online grocery shopping has unfolded and for people with tight schedules, it makes it easier to make available food for their families. 

For hitch-free experience, here are 5 important tips recommended by reviews and experiences of past shoppers on to improve your

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Curious about CBD? Let’s Clarify Some Things

Wondering About CBD? Here’s what you need to know. Below, we’ll cover a list of questions that many people are curious about when it comes to CBD. You’ll soon learn everything you need to know about a product that is becoming increasingly popular and curing people with a wide variety of ailments and other serious issues.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabinoid plant.

It is a chemical that is commonly found in cannabis. CBD is simply cannabidiol, abbreviated. It is normally extracted from the cannabis plant and then used or administered in many different ways and for different reasons.

It is different from THC because it does not give you a “high”. The “high” effect is commonly associated with THC but is often confused by people who are not familiar with the product. Although some may argue that they both come with an array of health benefits it is common knowledge that CBD does not give you any “high”.

How Long Does CBD Last or Stay in Your System

Wondering how long does CBD stay in your system? Well, it depends on how much you take, how often you use it, the method in which you administered it, and your body.

CBD can stay in your system for up to 5 days. 2 days at the least. This varies a lot from person to person.

You can normally start to feel CBD taking some form of effect within 15 minutes if you smoke or vape it. Edibles on the other hand can take up to an hour to start working. In some cases, even 2 hours are needed.

What are Some of the Benefits of CBD

CBD comes with a wide range of health benefits. It is also a great alternative to over the counter products.

It can alleviate stress, anxiety, and PTSD by making you feel calm. It also is a great pain reliever. It is commonly taken as an alternative to painkillers. Some attest to it also relieving inflammation such as the type caused by arthritis.

It is also a great alternative to taking painkillers. Many people struggle to sleep or get enough of it and have used CBD to get a good night’s rest.

Common Ways of Taking CBD

There are a few different ways people like to take CBD. Some people prefer different methods to others.

It is common to smoke raw CBD or to vape CBD oil. These two methods tend to have the quickest effects because it gets into your blood system faster.

An increasingly popular form of administering CBD is with edibles. Edibles are similar to normal snacks you would eat except some have

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How a Second Citizenship Can Improve Your Quality of Life

An increasing number of business owners and affluent individuals are seeing the practical aspects and comforts that a second citizenship provides. Becoming a global citizen benefits individuals who are looking for a better quality of life. Owning a second passport offers more security, improved mobility, education options, and additional business opportunities, among others.

Let’s take a closer look at the different ways that a second citizenship can enhance your quality of life.

Better mobility

The strength of your passport determines where you can go. Unless you hold a passport from Japan, Singapore, the US, or the EU, in most cases, you will need to apply for a visa every time you want to travel. You may have tried taking up several free visa assessments to various countries to see where you can qualify.

Applying for a visa is expensive and tedious. The process requires a lot of time, effort, and resources in collecting documents, as well as complying with the requirements. What’s worse is that getting an approval is never guaranteed – you might need to pay for several applications before you get the visa you want, and often your passport is held by the processing unit for some time.

Even when you are granted a visa, the length of time you are permitted to stay in the country is limited. You will need to re-apply before the visa lapses if you wish to stay longer. The renewal process can be just as tedious and complicated as the application itself.

This is the reality for most individuals with weak passports. But with a second passport, you have the freedom to travel to more countries visa-free. There will be no need to pay for applications, stand in line, or worry about what you should say as your second passport provides access to more countries.

Greater peace of mind

Even first world countries are not immune to political and economic strife. In 2008, for instance, Germany had a financial crisis that nearly tipped the country into recession. If it can happen to a developed country, it can happen anywhere.

Regardless of your family’s wealth or status, a political or economic crisis in your country can quickly change your situation. You may find yourself unable to leave your own country or look for better opportunities elsewhere.

Consider your second passport as your Plan B. Having a second passport in Malta, for instance, gives you access and the right to stay in any of the 32 countries in Europe. On the other hand, an Antigua citizenship application gives you lifetime dual citizenship and the ability to travel to over 130 countries worldwide. What’s more, the favorable

Antigua tax Click To Read More