What is Capsule Feeders?

Capsule Feeders are containers made primarily for feeding games, especially deer. The idea of the innovation was developed as a result of the inefficiency of traditional game feeding kits such as the tripod feeders and gravity feeders which are easily tumbled by other animals, hence, leading to loss of expensive feeds.

With the introduction of Capsule Feeders which varies in models that you can check out on https://feedthatgame.com/capsule-feeders-250-lb-game-feeder/, hunters and gamekeepers can now get feed across to deer with less worry about other animals stealing your feed and displacing the feeders.

How Capsule Feeders Work

Capsule Feeders, as stated earlier, sit firmly on the ground and cannot be tipped over by other animals. With the aid of a timer and a technological process known as patented auger-driven technology, they can move feed such as corn and other proteins from the bottom to the top of the feeders at a stipulated time. This simple innovative process enables the feeding of the game easier and faster.

Benefits of Capsule Feeders

Not difficult to fill

Unlike the traditional game feeders, you can easily fill in the Capsule Feeders while standing or even sitting. It has also eliminated the use of ladders and carrying a heavy sack of feeds on one’s shoulder to fill the feeding kit. This practice particularly is very dangerous and has claimed many lives. In short, you can say that Capsule feeders put your safety in the front-line.

They cannot be tumbled

Due to the great level of stability considered in their making, it is quite impossible for other animals especially the raccoon to fall the feeders and thus, prevents loss of valuable feeds.

They have varmint proof and timer

You do not need to always check on your feeding kits any longer since you can easily set a timer to distribute the feeds to your game at a stipulated time. The exterior design and the durable materials used to build these feeding kits ensure that they can withstand and survive any damaging behaviour the animals might put up in their attempts to get feeds out of the kits.

They are considerably maintainable

To promote your feeding kit lifespan and keep it in good condition, you would need to develop a good maintenance practice. These positive maintenance practices might include: changing some parts of your feeders as at when due (you can get some spare parts from the recommended website above too) and cleaning your kit regularly. This might as well cost a few bucks but it’s worth the cash after some years of consistency. It is also resistant to rusting and corrosion then you can probably not bother about early replacement.

They are cost-effective

The main reason we purchase equipment is to get value for our money and this is what Capsule Feeders offer you. They give you the complete worth of what you have purchased. There is a word like regret or loss in this context.

With all these above-stated reasons, you should by now be considering getting a Capsule Feeder to ease the stress of feeding your game and reduce the loss of feeds. They are currently the most reliable game feeding kit and little wonder, their increasing popularity.