7 Ways to Avoid Panty Lines

Panty lines equal awkward stares, insecure feelings, and a completely ruined outfit. Add all of these together and you have a ruined day. Panty lines could ruin all outfits from yoga pants to those sweet little miniskirts and even up to dinner gowns. Below are seven ways to avoid panty lines, giving your but a much curvaceous and beautiful look. 

Seven Ways to Avoid Panty Lines

I’ll be dividing this section into two, the first one having to do with what it is your purchase and the other, basic and even hiding life hacks. 

Section One;

  1. Laser Cut or Seamless Underwear; these underwear types are much different from the traditional type with seams on all their sides. This sort of underwear is cut to precision using a laser. Often, seamless panties are made from a silk-like material or polyester as opposed to cotton that requires seams at the edges. The next time you go shopping, you may want to skip those fancy underwear because they always have seams and go for the basic seamless laser cut underwear. 
  2. Underwear Color; have a color for each outfit. Does this sound silly? It isn’t. Putting on the same color of underwear and outfit especially under dinner gowns helps reduce or even completely cover the appearance of panty lines although there may be exceptions. Another thing to do when matching underwear and outfit color is not feasible is to put on neutral colors (underwear that matches your skin tone). You should do this especially if you are putting on a white bottom. This also applies to your brassiere 
  3. Get Thongs; Skip the conventional style panties and step up your game by wearing thongs. Now I agree they may be a little or a lot uncomfortable, but man was made to adapt. After a while, you should get super used to them. Thongs will eliminate the issue of panty lines from your life and help accentuate your bottom nice, giving you that Kim K look every once in a while 
  4. Men style Underwear; to avoid panty lines, you may want to skip the Victoria secret, the sexy thongs on the market, and go for dyke underwear, they are like little shorts, made out of cotton and they are the literal definition of comfort. 

Section Two

  1. Get modern style corsets/shapewear; not only do shape wears accentuate a woman’s body, making her look like Aphrodite, it could also help her get rid of a pain in the ass (pun intended) which is Panty lines. 
  2. Tights; another way to avoid panty lines is by layering up. First your panties, then tights, and then your skirt, gown, shorts, or whatever 
  3. Thicken your outfits; panty lines often show when the main outfit is quite thin, you may want to try getting thicker skirts or trousers to get rid of them completely. 


I know I ought to mention just seven, but then avoiding tight clothes along with the seven tips listed above also go a long way in avoiding those pesky panty lines we all hate.