This Is How You Become Addicted To Heroin

The word addiction is the condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.It is similar to the word dependency or consistency. In other words, addiction is an urge to do something that is hard to control or stop. For example, the intake of substances like cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and heroin. 

The most common one is heroin addiction. If a person keeps taking any of these drugs continually, he or she will get addicted within a very short time.

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Addiction is powerful and a very complex disease,

Those who have an addiction for drugs find themself in a tightly dungeon with no escape root when they get addicted. The drugs transform and Change the brain in a way that will make quitting both physically and mentally difficult.People who have an addiction to drugs cannot simply quit, even if they want to.

Drug addiction, or substance abuse disorder is defined as a disease that can boost and  cause people to lose control of the use of the so-called substance continuously despite knowing it’s worst consequences. Substance use disorder can be life-threatening.

For example, in the case of a drug addict. A common scenario why people get addicted to drugs start from being offered a supposed helpful substance by a friend or family member.

The next stage towards drug addiction is Regular use or Abuse. Here,the substance that was once considered as recreational drugs will now become a lifestyle, as the user’s life now depends  on it. At this point the life of the victim will become boring without using the drug. This stage becomes more apparent as dependency upon the substance increases. 

However, this keeps getting worse as the regular usage of the drug progresses. At this point both physical and psychological reliance on the substance is developed. The user may start finding situations that were manageable before becoming unbearable and these will make the user to start neglecting or postponing his or her obligations in favour of getting high. Relationships with the friends and family will begin to suffer from abuse and neglect. 

In the end , with full blown the user will now become comfortable with the physical and psychological reliance.  The substance now becomes difficult to restrain from. At this point jobs can be lost and criminal activities. In conclusion, the door to sustained poverty is opened. 

There is no cure for drug addiction but it is very possible to manage and can be treated . Even though there is a high percentage that the addiction will return one day. Still the patient can try as much as possible to maintain the drug use disorder throughout his or her  life.

In conclusion, addiction can kill if it is left untreated for a long time, victims start engaging in dangerous behaviour under the influence of drugs without knowing. Early treatment is advisable immediately you detect you can do without taking the drug.