Top 3 Pieces of Women’s Dualsport Riding Gear

Dualsport riding offers challenge and excitement to women of all ages. Gear is as important to your riding pleasure as your bike and skills. Regardless of your experience, you not only want protection, comfort and style from the best women’s dualsport riding gear on the market, but you also want the best prices. After all, great savings give you more money to put into high-end and cheap motorcycle aftermarket parts. Here’s a look at the top three pieces of women’s dualsport riding gear that check all the boxes.


Your helmet is vital to your protection and comfort when riding your dualsport machine. Lids have come a long way in the last few years, and manufacturers are creating helmets designed specifically for women’s head shapes and sizes. Well-known manufacturers such as AFX, Bell and Klim have sent the humble helmet into the future with a variety of high-technology materials and features. For example, advanced poly-alloy plastic gives you lightweight and durable protection, well-designed ventilation systems keep your head cool, and adjustable shields and visors enhance your visibility. If you’re as interested in the look of the helmet as the material and features, don’t worry! You’ll find an abundance of eye-catching designs and styles in a variety of colors and finishes.


No matter where or when you ride, you have to take into consideration the riding conditions and the elements. When it comes to your dualsport riding jacket, you want a piece of apparel that fits you well, keeps you comfortable and offers you premium protection should you come off your bike. From Alpinestars to Z1R, jacket manufacturers are creating durable, breathable waterproof jackets with premium ventilation. Quality materials such as Gore-Tex, Velcro and Klimatek allow them to provide you with the comfort and protection you require when you’re on and off your bike. Internal phone and cargo pockets and expansion zippers give you even more bang for your buck when you shop for jackets. It’s these kinds of thoughtful details that can help you find the perfect jacket at the perfect price, which allows you to put more of your hard-earned money into expensive and cheap motorcycle aftermarket parts.


REV’IT, Thor and Klim are among the manufacturers that put time and resources into designing boots for women. Rugged, quality materials such as leather and textile provide you with the comfort and protection you need when you’re on and off your mean machine. Anatomically shaped footbeds and ankle cups, reinforced zippers, and adjustable closures are some of the value-added features you can expect from today’s dualsport boots and footwear. Of course, in addition to comfort and protection, you also want style. There’s nothing like a cute pair of boots for when you’re hanging out with your biking buddies! Details such as heel shape, finish stitching and color can help you communicate your style and flair.

That’s a quick look at the top three pieces of women’s dualsport riding gear. Ready to start shopping? Browse retailers’ websites where you’ll find an abundance of products and some of the best pwc gear and accessories, too.