7 Interesting Gambling Facts

Even veteran gamblers do not know all the facts even though they would like to think they do. If you are a fan of gambling, you are probably interested in knowing the facts. If so, you have come to the right place. Gambling has been called a lot of things over the years but one characteristic that sticks out the most is evolving. New technology is being added every day to enhance the player experience. Learn more interesting facts about gambling in the article below.

Nikola Tesla

When people think of Nikola Tesla, an extraordinary engineer and inventor come to mind. But, what most people do not know about the Serbian-American extraordinaire is that at one time he was addicted to gambling. Tesla struggled with gambling addiction so bad that it forced him to withdraw from school. Around this time, he suffered a nervous breakdown.

Mr. Unnikrishnan

It is unclear if the story of Mr. Unnikrishnan, the owner of a teashop, is actually true. But, a theory has it that Mr. Unnikrishnan was destined to help the people of a small village in India overcome their gambling addictions. His idea was to turn the addicts onto chess, which he believed would help them learn how to deal with the hardships of life in a healthier manner than gambling. Rumor has it that Mr. Unnikrishnan’s plan worked because gambling has declined significantly in his village. With the introduction of online gambling websites, such as s1288, will these individuals be able to sustain from playing the world’s favorite pastime?

Las Vegas Is Not Top Dog

When most people think of land-based gambling they tend to think about Vegas. This is because for the past couple of centuries Vegas has rightfully owned this title. To many Vegas is still seen as the holy grail of gambling, but it looks like the numbers and stats have other plans in mind. It is now the Macau, China, and South Eastern Pacific regions that have surpassed Vegas and all its glory.

You Can Ban Yourself From Gambling

There is no denying that gambling is exciting and entertaining In fact, these are the things that draw people to it. With all the excitement and entertainment it is easier than ever to see why more and more people are becoming addicted. Problem gambling is a real thing and it can ruin your life. This is why most land-based providers allow players to ban themselves. If a gambler feels like gambling is ruining his or her life they can visit the establishment, speak with the owner, and get themselves banned.

Learn From Steve Job’s Dad

No one can deny that Steve Jobs hasn’t had a compelling career that has at times been filled with controversy. Despite the controversy surrounding him, his contributions have helped shaped Apple and turn the company into what it is today. Without Steve Jobs, the company would not be where it is today. Well, you might be surprised to learn that Job’s innovation and insight came from his biological father who was actually a prominent businessperson with a Ph.D. He was, in fact, the vice president of one of the most successful casinos in Reno, Nevada.

Problem Gambling Is Real

Most people probably know that gambling can easily become an addiction. This is especially true now that gambling is becoming more and more accessible than ever. Back in 2012, it was estimated that 5.77 million gamblers in the United States alone were in need of gambling addiction treatment. 10,387 of these individuals were actually treated through one of the many US state-funded programs.

Gambling Is Everywhere

Did you know that gambling is literally legal in every state but Utah and Hawaii? Most of these states might not be how to a popular casino or gaming establishment, but they do offer lotteries and similar games. Lotteries were also illegal for the biggest part of the 20th century until New Hampshire instituted one to compensate for their lack of taxes.