What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is one of the most popular decking products available right now and can be found at https://www.dinodecking.co.uk/. However, not everyone is aware as to what this type of decking is and why it’s so popular. This article will teach you what composite decking is and what the different types of composite decking are.

Composite decking is made up of a mixture of plastic, wood fibres, and a range of bonding agents. The mixture is heated up and is formed into the desired shape and length before it’s cooled. The boards need a lot less maintenance than wood decking and they also look a lot more wood-like than a lot of plastic decking.

The Benefits of Composite Decking

One of the major benefits of composite decking is that it needs a lot less maintenance than wood decking does. This is due to the plastic that the decking contains. The plastic allows the decking to be a lot more resistant to rot as well as insects and damp. Another benefit of fitting composite decking in your garden is that it will not have to be sealed, painted or stained.

Another benefit of installing composite decking in your home is that it’s splinter-free which means you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself while you install it. Composite decking is also fade and stain resistant which means it will continue to look good for many years.

– Water Absorption

Composite decking boards absorb a minimal amount of water as opposed to wood decking. Wood decking tends to absorb a lot of water which means it can become loose and nails may also become loose as the boards contract. As composite decking tends to absorb a minimal amount of water it means it’s slip-resistant which is great news for anyone who has mobility issues, young children or those who simply want to walk on their decking without having to be careful.

– Durability

Another benefit of owning composite decking is its durability. Because the boards absorb a lot less water than their wooden counterparts and they need minimal maintenance (If any), they are very durable. Decking that you purchase today could come with a 15 – 25 year guarantee. However, decking is thought to last a lot longer than its guarantee, meaning you may never need to replace it.

– The Price

Although the cost of composite decking might be slightly higher than the cost of wood decking it has no associated maintenance costs. This ultimately means that the cost of the decking will reduce depending on how many years it’s installed in your garden.

Different Types of Composite Decking

You could be forgiven for thinking there is only one type of composite decking and only one colour too. There are, in fact, two types of composite decking and both types are available in a number of different colours. The two types of composite decking are capped and uncapped.

– Uncapped decking

Uncapped decking boards are usually cheaper than their capped counterparts. This is because while they are hard wearing and quite resistant they do not come with any colour-fading or stain resistance. What this means is that during the first few months the boards are likely to fade a little. The boards fade as the wood oils leach out due to exposure to the environment.

– Capped decking

Capped decking boards come with a plastic coating on their exterior. This coating means the boards are a lot more stain and fade-resistant. These boards are also easy to clean and they retain their colour no matter how long they’re exposed to the environment for.

Solid and Hollow Boards

– Solid boards

Solid composite decking is quite heavy and strong, meaning they can withstand a lot of weight, such as many plant pots being placed on them.

– Hollow boards

Hollow composite boards contain hollow chambers which run right through the length of the board.

A Range of Colours

Composite boards are available in a range of colours. The range of colours available to you may depend on where you purchase the boards from but you can typically buy composite boards in:

  • Amber
  • Ash
  • Cedar
  • Graphite
  • Mocha
  • Savannah
  • Silver
  • Slate

What can Composite Decking be used for?

Composite decking can be used to improve or complement your garden. If you enjoy spending time in your garden you’ll love composite decking. Once installed, you can sit out on your decking and enjoy the warm sunny weather or the pleasant winter sun. You can place plant pots on your decking in addition to bird feeders if you wish. Composite decking can also be used on a caravan’s exterior, adding that extra special touch to your caravan or holiday home.

There are so many benefits to having composite decking installed, it’s no wonder more and more people are using it as a wood decking alternative.