Protect Your Chrome and Look Good with a Winterfront

The winter is nearing and it is time to get your semi truck ready for the cold weather, snow and road salt. One of the most susceptible parts of your truck is the chrome, especially in the front. This is the first place debris and weather will hit your truck. If you want to protect your front grill, you need to get a winterfront.

What Is a Winterfront?

A winterfront is a type of insulated cover that protects the front of your truck from the winter weather. It helps keep debris and weather out of your engine while also trapping the heat in. It is a great way to protect your truck and keep it running optimally all through the winter.

How Do They Work?

Winterfronts are very simple, they mount on the front grill using some basic hardware, typically a set of turnbuckles. These stay in place by clamping around the grill. There are a few different hardware setups on the market that can match different grills. The winterfront then attaches to the hardware simply by turning the turnbuckle to trap the insulated cover in place.

Many winterfronts are zipped. This lets you have full coverage of the grill at night or whenever the truck isn’t in use. During the operation, you can open up the zipper to let air into the engine.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Winterfront?

There are plenty of great reasons to use a winterfront. For any truck driver who expects to be driving in wintery areas, it is a must-have accessory. These are some of the most notable benefits:

  • Keep Your Truck Clean: The winterfront is a cover that will keep dirty snow and road debris off your truck. This is especially significant if you have semi truck chrome in the front. A winterfront is a great way to avoid it getting messed up.
  • Insulate the Engine: The winterfront traps heat in the engine. At night, this can help to prevent the engine from getting too cold. Even with antifreeze, it is possible in some climates for engine fluids to freeze. A winterfont makes it a little easier to keep everything warm.
  • Start-Up Easier: For that same reason, it is easier to start your engine from cold. The engine area won’t be quite as freezing cold, so it will have less trouble starting.
  • More Comfortable Cabin: The engine temperature has a big effect on how warm your cabin is. If the while front of your truck is cold, your heating system isn’t going to push very warm air into the cabin. A winterfront can help keep everything insulated so you will be warmer too.
  • Looks Good: Everyone wants his or her truck to look great. A winterfront is a fun way to add a design or favorite color to the front of the truck.

Accessorize Today


Getting the right accessories for your truck is a must for the winter. The cold weather can be very harsh on semi trucks and preparing properly will help you not only be more comfortable but also avoid the frustration of a dirty, slow-starting truck. Get your winterfront today.