Fashion: Has It Changed That Much?

Fashion has its own history. From ancient times until today fashion has undergone through multiple stages, each time pointing out and highlighting a different feminine side and model. It is always astonishing to witness how different events in history have influenced and changed the way that people were dressed. That does not mean, though, that certain aspects of fashion are classic meaning that they are resistant to the passing of time, they never fall out of fashion (or practically never) witnessing only minor changes in order for them to follow the trends.

If we compare what is going on in today’s world with what was happening before we will witness a major change: people went from owning unique pieces, sometimes hand-made and tailor-made to fit them to following trends and owning clothes and accessories that are shared with as many people as possible.

Fashion: now and then

As history has shown us, very often certain fashion trends depend from the tastes of certain groups of individuals or cliques and they are generally associated with the social status or with cultural preferences such as the type of favorite music. Fashion can also be influenced by global events such as a war, an economic crisis or even a pandemic. For instance, during World War II, people were only allowed a certain amount of fabric, something that obliged them to create simple and practical outfits that will serve a purpose during times of war.

From the 1920s until the 1990s, popular fashion always reflected the style of each decade as well as changes in society since clothing and accessories style evolved over time. For instance, changes in skirts and clothing fashion has changed and varied considerably between the 1920s and today as well as within every decade. In 1920, just a few years after the First World War, the hems of skirts and robes were elevated and reaching the hips.

Following latest trends: positive and negative results

We all know that fashion exists during every decade, but a very significant factor is also the tendency of every individual to follow what is modern and hip so as to feel more acceptable. Following, though, fashion trends blindly can have positive as well as negative results.

The positive ones are that fashion gives a boost to the market as well as to the psychology and aesthetics of people that follow, if, of course, it is tasteful and not tasteless.

Fashion has the ability to truly enchant those that follow it and observe it. Fashion, even if you belong in the category of people who pay no attention to it, is everywhere. Fashion trends regarding clothing are often characterized by variety, inspiration and alternations.

Staying in touch with new trends through magazines and the Internet is very important because you can find out your favourite elements, these that match with your personality and help you discover a style that suits. The important thing is to let new trends effect your style in a positive manner. Our advice is to combine harmonically new fashion trends with unique pieces that you own and have in your wardrobe.

For instance, you can mix and match something from the wide selection of trendy fashion style women’s clothing from Zaful (more about zaful on their website) with a unique piece that you might have from your parents or grandparents. Fashion does not need to be followed blindly since at times this can result at awkward and funny outfits. Every single one of us must make its own style that transcends trends and fashion bloggers and influencers.