Decorating Fabrics and Ribbons

A wide variety of Nativity Scene figurines are available at Holyart. In this review, we would like to tell you more about things that not everyone can immediately find use for: we are talking about fabrics and ribbons for decorating. What exactly can be decorated with them and how? A selection of ideas and our recommendations are in this article.

Ideas to use:

Decoration of a festive table

A cozy evening, clinking glasses, close people around – what could be better? For special occasions, you will need a special table setting. And this not only means beautiful dishes and tablecloths – you can make any meal unique by adding a touch of personality to it with the help of simple decorative elements. For example, Christmas decorations made of ribbons are perfect for decorating a table. They will add charm and sparkle to the overall environment. European designers recommend using fabric runners on the table – this is an original and fairly simple way to decorate it without resorting to expensive purchases. For example, having only one classic white tablecloth, you can complement it with both a red mesh runner and the most delicate pink organza or extravagant black and white textured fabric with flock ornament.

Chair decor

This stylish solution has become widespread at weddings, but no one has the right to limit you – you can decorate the furniture on the summer cottage. See how fanciful ribbons and strips of fabric woven into chair backs look. Even simple and quite ordinary furniture acquires individuality, and everyone can create such with their own hands – just a little imagination and your inspiration is needed. You can combine colors and textures, plain materials with patterned ones, weave flowers and beads into compositions – any solution will look interesting and emphasize your individuality.

 Wrapping gifts from fabric

Are you used to the fact that you can only wrap a box or bottle with gift paper? Down with stereotypes! See how interesting an ordinary box, decorated with cloth and a bow, looks. We suggest you experiment with different shades and shapes, and then give your gift to a loved one who will be so happy with the individualized wrapping that they won’t even want to throw away the packaging – perhaps even reuse it in the future.

 Decorating the Christmas tree with fabrics

Sounds unusual, right? Christmas tree decoration ribbons are a great addition to classic toys and garlands – the photo examples show how you can close the Christmas tree stand unusually or create an analog of tinsel by arranging ribbons in a spiral from bottom to the top of the Christmas tree. And you can also make Christmas toys from satin ribbons. Moreover, you can manually make beautiful bows, the largest of which will replace the usual star topper with a ribbon in the form of a star.

Most importantly, feel free to be creative! You can come up with your own unique Christmas and New Year decorations from ribbons, surprise guests with one of a kind ideas and delight your friends and loved ones.