Tips to Dress Up For Black-Tie Events

Black-tie Events can be a lot of fun, especially if you’ve never attended one before. But dressing up for these events is considered confusing and stupefying by many. Nailing the black-tie attire is often a big challenge for most of us. But it need not be so hard for you to find a suitable dress for such events. While wearing formal evening dresses to these events was a must before, the rules have relaxed a lot in today’s times. Gone are the days when women wore only long black gowns to these events! Nowadays, a sophisticated cocktail dress in rich colors or an embellished suit is also acceptable black-tie attire. Still confused as to what you should settle on wearing? Here are a few options for black-tie dresses that are just as trendy and in as that elegant black dress!

Floor Length Dresses

Traditionally, long evening dresses are the perfect attire for any type of black-tie event. And a few decades ago they were the only acceptable attire for such events. Although the rules have relaxed a lot since those days, floor length dresses still remain the favorite and most appropriate type of dress. Simple long evening gowns or dresses with trails and embellishments are all acceptable as long as they look elegant and rich.

Knee-Length Cocktail Dresses

While cocktail dresses were considered risqué a few years ago, nowadays, they are acceptable as black-tie attire. Darker shades and rich colors like jewel tones, metallics, etc. look good. Prints are also acceptable as long as you keep it sophisticated and simple. However, if you want to go a little bold, gowns with bold colors or unique shape or drape, or unusual fabric can make things interesting. Although, if you’re wearing a cocktail dress, make sure it falls upto or below the knee-length.

Chic Separates Are Trendy

Another latest trend that’s quickly picking up speed is wearing chic separates instead of a full-length dress. Chic separates may include silk blouses with suit pants or satin skirts are acceptable. Just make sure you choose rich fabrics like silk and chiffon that look elegant and sophisticated. Keep embellishments at a minimal and opt for a simple and elegant look with a feminine silhouette. You can always dress it up or down with the right accessories!

Suits and Jumpsuits Are In

You don’t technically have to wear a dress at a black-tie. While floor-length dresses are the ideal outfit for black-tie events, nowadays, you can also get away with a trendy jumpsuit or appropriate women’s tuxedo suit. True, they can be a risqué choice, but if you dress it up right, they can look elegant and chic. However, make sure to go for rich fabrics like silks and keep it a bit dressy to avoid looking boring.

While wearing appropriate clothing is important, if you don’t match it with the right accessories, it doesn’t have much of an impact. It is important to don the right accessories with your black-tie attire to complete the look.