Renegade Organizing Ideas to Subscribe to In 2020

The month of January is the perfect time to reorganize your living space. Be it a home, a condo, or an apartment, the turn of the century brings with it new opportunities – to grow, to expand, to become a better version of you. Start that transformation by making your space conducive for new things.

You don’t have to make big changes – small ones, like reorganizing, will bring about big revelations. Trust and believe. Of course, a bit of spring cleaning won’t hurt, but to take your organizing into the next level, you’ll need to have new ideas to subscribe to. Fret not, as we’ve collated some life-changing organizing ideas for you to do:

Review your closet and toss old clothing.

Clothes are the prime items to hoard for most people. An average human with a dedicated closet can have at least 35 kilograms of clothing items at any given time. That number increases depending on lifestyle, income, and gender. More than ⅓ of that clothing weight goes to clothing items that aren’t used anymore. Tossing them out every year is a great idea.

The world of fast fashion certainly is a billion-dollar industry because of this. People buy clothes all the time, that’s why getting plastic storage baskets is a great idea for organizing. Take that step to the next level by tossing old clothes. While reorganizing your closet, identify the clothing items you won’t need anymore – or even those you rarely use – and toss them out.

You can organize a garage sale if you want to, but donating these used clothes is a better and nobler idea. Or better yet, you can give it directly to a homeless person in your vicinity. You can even ask people close to you if they want the piece of the item before getting rid of it. After this, you can buy some closet organizers to help you sort out the remaining ones.

Create a dedicated important files storage.

Every organizing blog out there recommends having a dedicated folder that houses all important documents, whether it’s life documents, work documents, leases, and contracts. Sorting these important documents by type is a great starting point. Still, taking the time to install a dedicated cabinet – one which you can easily access in case of fortuitous events – increases the likelihood of you not scrambling and turning the whole house upside down when you need your birth certificate.

Or if you’re keen on this idea, buy yourself a vault. Choose one with dimensions that can house legal documents. It should be heavy enough not to be moved, but light enough for it to be carried when worse comes to worst. Store the vault in a safe place. It doesn’t need to be carefully hidden, but it should be out of prying eyes.


Cubbies are great because it fills up small spaces for more storage options. You can install cubbies in virtually any room. It’s light and will only take a fraction of the space. Plus, it integrates seamlessly, you won’t even notice it’s there. It’s so versatile that every home should own one. Or two, honestly.

Cubbies are perfect for storing books, toys, miscellaneous stuff, etc. You can even use it as nightstands if you want to. It’s also a great food storage alternative. Having mini cubbies in the kitchen turns it into a more organized space. Not to mention, you’ll have more space to decorate. Who says you can’t put fairy lights in the kitchen? With cubbies, you can.

Install hangers for spray bottles.

Spray bottles are difficult to stay upright. That’s why storing them in a hanger underneath the sink is ideal. Buy a piece of round metal resembling a PVC pipe and install it 8-10 centimeters from the top part of the sink space. Reinforce your hangers by clipping or gluing it to place. Hang spray bottles in spaces of no more than an inch. Don’t overload posture corrector.


Seeing the bigger picture is wisdom for the ages. You can apply it to anything on your life – career decisions, love life, even on keeping your home clean and organized. Envisioning something and creating a space that’s inviting and homey at the same time is a talent. So go outside the box with these organizing tips to level up your organizing game!