11+ Awesome Ways How To Propose A Girl

It’s not only a special day in a girls life but the boy as well when he is ready to go on his knee and ask the love of his life to marry him.
It takes immense amount of courage backed up with love passion and intense planning to make it as unique as possible as once in life time experience.

There are millions of thoughts going on in a guys head along with a lot of mixed emotions. Because then the duties of the heart is done by the brains and vice versa.

The emotion of love kicks in when the a guy sees the girl, and the BELLS start ringing.  Initially most of the times it’s the physical attraction that comes which is later on followed by love. Doesn’t matter how well built you are or how lean, there will be someone special for u always.

  • On An Adventure Trip
  • By The Bay
  • During A Game
  • At Her Favorite Place
  • Backyard Proposal
  • A Banner Proposal
  • Mob Dance Proposal
  • Sing Her Favorite Song
  • Balcony Proposal
  • Dramatic Proposal
  • Under The Stars
  • Treasure Hunt Proposal
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Written Proposal

Awesome Ways How To Propose A Girl – When Cupid Strikes

  • On An Adventure Trip : Only for those adrenaline junkies who want it to be different from the others. Pop the question while you are on a hiking trip or sky diving or scuba diving… find the perfect moment during the trip and pop the question. Sure she wont reject it. After all its an adventure of a life time.

On An Adventure Trip

  • By The Bay: A nice walk on the beach arms in arms, a beautiful sunset, the ocean wetting your feet, the feel of the sand, the cool breeze in your hair, cant get more romantic than this.

By The Bay

  • During A Game: Let the halftime be a game changer for you, broadcasting on the scoreboard or the screen is a passe, catch hold a mic and ask her in front of the whole stadium.

During A Game

  • At Her Favorite Place: The place of her choice, where she is comfortable, a place where she feels like home, wait for the right moment before you propose her. That will be the last place on her mind to get proposed.

At Her Favorite Place

  • Backyard Proposal: Blind fold her, lead your lady to the backyard, decorate the place with flowers and candles and go down on the knee and ask her to open the blind fold. NO PLACE FOR DENIAL.

Backyard Proposal

  • A Banner Proposal: A “will you marry me?” banner at the tail of the plane will do wonders. This is a very unique way if you think so.

A Banner Proposal

  • Mob Dance Proposal: Rope in few talented dancers, get along with them perform a gig in front of her before you go down on your knee.

Mob Dance Proposal

  • Sing Her Favorite Song: Its like and experiment, not everyone can do it, but with the help of professionals you can try your hand at it. Sing her favorite song, and don’t forget to keep check on those notes. You might end up witness tears in her eyes and love for you in her heart.

Sing Her Favorite Song

  • Balcony Proposal: A primitive way of proposing with still works, call her out in her balcony and with some romantic back ground music ask her to marry you!

Balcony Proposal

  • Dramatic Proposal: Create a pseudo scene where she is taken back by the element of surprise… something which she cant think of. But make sure that it doesn’t bend the other way around.

Dramatic Proposal

  • Under The Stars: A perfect summer night is all you need. Let the stars and the moon do wonders when you go down on your knee. Believe me it would be most memorable moment of your life.

Under The Stars

  • Treasure Hunt Proposal: Let’s be more enthusiastic what say? A childhood game, give her clues which leads her to THE RING.

Treasure Hunt

  • Fortune Cookie: Tip the staff, hide the ring in a cookie along with a beautiful note. Perhaps it would definitely works for you.

Fortune Cookie

  • Written Proposal: Pour your heart out on the paper, write what you feel for her, surely its going to melt her heart.

Written Proposal

I Don’t Know The Truth But Heard That The Key To A Healthy Relationship Is To Understand The Unsaid…..