Are Gaming Laptops Worth the Price Premium?

Gaming laptops have been the focus of criticism and mockery due to the thinking that gaming desktops are much more ideal and noteworthy when it comes to experiencing a full immersive gameplay. But let’s not forget that technology moves and evolves at a rapid rate than we can comprehend, and recent times have proven that even an innovative upgrade to a new model can create a huge impact to its technological advancement and eventually terminate the shortcomings of previous devices. This means to say that even gaming laptops are proving themselves capable of what your desktop can do.

Gaming laptops can also range from expensive to affordable. You just have to scout the market and check out the best range of gaming laptops, there are cheap gaming laptops available for everyone depending on their preference in specs and features.

Some of you asked, are premium gaming laptops worth buying? Here are some simple tips for you and a list of factors you should consider to help you find the right gaming laptop and get the most out of your purchase!


Majority of gaming laptops have the Nvidia graphic card unit – GeForce GTX or RTX series. Games today are highly dependable on GPUs so get a good one that has a great GPU that lets you enjoy gaming visuals at high settings. If you’re not familiar with the types of GPU, the GTX 1050 to 1060 series are applicable for entry-level to mainstream gaming which is the minimum standard for majority of games played on desktop; while the GTX 1070 and the latest RTX series are great for games that require both the highest of visual graphic settings and fast frame rates like virtual reality and ray-traced video games. The RTX 2070 to RTX 2080 can let you play video games with 4K visual displays.


One of the primary deciding factor is the CPU, make sure you get a powerful processor that can handle performing tasks and the gameplay. You can mostly benefit out of an Intel Core i9 but if you’re going with an entry-level option, a Core i5 is fine.


Hard drive capacity and SSD is important in gaming laptops. Getting a larger storage capacity means that you’ll experience less loading times but may cost more. As for RAM, you’ll need a high capacity RAM when it comes to games. For performing average tasks, 8GB RAM is sustainable although you may want to go with a 16GB RAM for a gaming device. But if you can’t afford the 16GB yet, note that the 8GB RAM and hard drives are upgradeable.


Gaming laptops often have 15 to 17 inch screen displays. What size you choose is based on your own preference. But to give you a benchmark on the display features, a 1920 x 1080 is the average display resolution and is considered to be the best option. Also, make sure to avoid touch screen it heavily affects battery life and creates a glossy display.