A Touch of Class with Glass Pool Railings

Traditional railings are commonplace to ensure the safety and the prevention of falling while climbing stairs or any elevated levels. Often comprised of vertical members, the spacing of stair balusters is traditionally spaced no farther than four to six inches on center, depending on local and state building codes.

Glass Pool Railings

Glass pool railing systems take on an entirely new definition from the more traditional terminology associated with railings. Glass pool railings, installed to building code heights, are one sheet of various glass lengths with supporting upright members or posts. With little to no separation between glass sections, pool railings maintain safety with dramatic visual stunning appearance.

Pool Railing Benefits

Installation of a glass pool railing system offers additional benefits not found on the more conventional wooden deck railings. Installation of glass railing shoes eliminates the need for vertical support posts. Providing a cleaner, elegant look, using glass railing shoes on your glass pool railing system gives the appearance of free-standing glass enclosures attracting the attention of even the most curious.

Frameless Glass Railings

Polished smooth, curved edges of all frameless glass railings are designed and engineered for optimum safety. A more visual and appealing effect is maintained surrounding the entire pool surface with no top metal support member. Options and benefits are often restricted on other pool enclosures. Frameless glass railing systems continue to offer superior styling and aesthetics which include:

  • Superior Strength
  • Low maintenance
  • 100% visibility
  • No footholds
  • Resistant to weather
  • Resistant to harsh pool chemicals

Available in varying thicknesses and lengths, all frameless glass railings are tempered glass for regular, durable use year after year.

A touch of Class with Glass

Glass works well with any exterior décor. Glass is far durable than any wood surface, resistant to mold, decay, without the depletion of natural resources. Blending and adding additional attention to a beautiful backyard, the smooth appearance of clear or customized glass adds just the right amount of class without an overbearing appearance.

Glass pool railings continue to become a favorite topic amongst those looking for a viable alternative in replacing 1970’s pool enclosures. After all, a touch of class is easier to obtain with glass.